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New From Pretty Pegs

Have you heard of Pretty Pegs yet? This company makes really cool furniture legs designed to fit standard Ikea furniture. Totally genius. If you haven’t visited their site lately, they have some new designs that are definitely worth checking out. Let’s have a look…


otto Pretty Pegs Pretty Pegs Laure Joliet photo of Bri's home via sfgirlbybay - Ikea credenza with Pretty Pegs

I spotted Pretty Pegs some time ago, but as I wasn’t in the market for Ikea furniture, I didn’t give it too much thought. But now? Oh, now things have changed. I am planning a pretty major fauxdenza/extra-long desk/storage unit made of Ikea kitchen cabinet components to fit the space near my front door that has so far been very much underused. One piece I have been struggling with in the planning phase is what to do about the legs…and then this morning, I saw this gorgeous credenza with Pretty Peg legs on sfgirlbybay, and my heart leaped. The Ikea cabinets and counter top material I plan to buy from Home Depot cost so little that I think a splurge on Pretty Pegs could be reasonably justified.

What do you think? Have you seen (or used) Pretty Pegs? Which ones would you choose for a credenza/desk?

(photos: all but last image, Pretty Pegs; last image is the home of Bri of designlovefest, photography by Laure Joliet via sfgirlbybay)


Inspired by India

Bar at the Narains Niwas Palace Hotel in Jaipur

I can think of few places that are quite so rich in sensory inspiration as India. The colors, patterns, textiles, furnishings, spices, architecture, landscape, and history are endlessly fascinating to me. Between the classic Wes Anderson film The Darjeeling Limited, upcoming independent Indian film The Lunchbox, my friend Christine Chitnis’ travels in Delhi, and the recent Indian issue on Remodelista, I feel I have been surrounded by a perfect storm of Indian inspiration. Let’s begin our little tour of Indian style with the bar at the Narains Niwas Palace Hotel in Jaipur, shown above. It was designed by the creator of fashion label Tocca, and it looks like it could have come straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Those gorgeous walls! The scalloped trim! The pillows! Swoon.

Horn Please

Next up, Horn Please, an Indian cantina in Melbourne. No, it’s not in India, but it certainly could be. The tile work on the bar has my name written all over it. Also note the small, quirky touches — colored macrame plant holders, hot pink horns, and a hand-colored vintage photograph.

Chez Nini brasserie in Delhi

And then there is the gorgeous Chez Nini, shown above, which was featured in the Insider’s Guide to Delhi on Remodelista. Such a magical space. I would love to recreate that table setting with pale pink place mats, small white cups, and tiny copper vases of wildflowers. And how about those magical fronds and lanterns hanging overhead? Yowza!

John Robshaw ABC Home vintage Indian cabinet

Since I was feeling quite inspired, I also chose to do my Guest Picks on Houzz this month on everything Indian. Above you can see two of my favorite finds — bedding by John Robshaw and a vintage Indian cabinet from ABC Home — hop on over to Houzz to see the rest of my 21 finds.

xo Laura


Spring Florals & Fancy Fake Tattoos

Spring Florals

Mi Casa

Pepper Ink fake tattoos

Happy Friday! Just popping in quickly because I realized this morning that I forgot to mention something … I am a new contributor over at the Rugs Direct Trend Center blog! I am over there today, sharing some of my favorite spring floral inspiration and rug picks; I hope you will join me. And, as I was on the hunt for floral inspiration, I happened upon the lovely Etsy shop of Pepper Ink, maker of really pretty fake tattoos. I personally love this trend — why not have a fancy fake tattoo, right?

Enjoy your weekend, my dear ones! xo Laura

(photos, top to bottom: Homelife, Mi Casa)


Spring Bedroom Inspiration

Spring Bedroom Inspiration


Hello my dears! I thought that I’d share a few of the things that have been inspiring me this spring, beginning with the bedroom. Gray with pastels has certainly been trending lately, and I am all for it! This combination feels fresh and springy without being saccharine-sweet. Above, clockwise from top left, are a few of my favorite things…

  1. modern dreamcatcher DIY from The Red Thread: A dreamcatcher, you say? Yes, really! I actually love the idea of making a dreamcatcher, for either an adult’s room or a child’s room. And if you make it yourself, you can customize it with the exact colors and embellishments you want.
  2. Flowers in a bowl (photo by Amy Neunsinger): So simple and poetic, a lovely touch for the dresser top or nightstand, and the perfect thing to do with the few flowers left when the rest of the bouquet has started to go.
  3. A gray painted dresser with gold hardware from Natty by Design: You really can’t go wrong with gray painted furniture — right now I am thinking of painting my own dresser gray, plus some of the furniture in little B’s room. This shade is Gray Timberwolf from Benjamin Moore, and it looks stunning with gold spray-painted hardware.
  4. And I couldn’t resist a little something for the wardrobe… This striped dress from Madewell looks like the perfect blend of cute and comfy, don’t you think?

And a few more things…

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 5.24.00 AM

Wondering how that dreamcatcher would really look in a bedroom? Consider the gorgeous bedroom above from photographer Amy Neunsinger Exhibit A — lovely, right? Maybe it’s because I grew up in earthquake country, but I never feel comfortable hanging anything heavy over the bed, so this looks just right to me. :)


And this pot from Molly Wood Garden Design (found via Greige) would look amazing in a sunny corner of the bedroom…especially on that gorgeous wooden pedestal!

That’s all for now, but I have been collecting more spring inspiration, so I’ll meet you back here later this week with round two. xo Laura


7 Sweet Things to Brighten Your Day

Amanda Blake

1. Everything was as it should be, a limited edition print of an original oil painting by Amanda Blake.

Susan Simonini Ceramics

2. Handmade to order scalloped planter by Susan Simonini Ceramics.

Melissa Loves3. Handmade gold and brass Waves necklace by Melissa Loves — but I really do covet everything in dear Melis’s shop, so please go check it out!

Susan Simonini Ceramics

4. Handmade terracotta bowl by Susan Simonini Ceramics.

Roddy and Ginger

5. Sun Spots cushion on white linen by Roddy and Ginger.

Miso Vintage6. Vintage 1940′s pink enamel medical cabinet — would make a sweet wardrobe to hold shoes and accessories.

Hello Dear Kids7. Girl’s tunic with removable baby doll in sling from Hello Dear Kids. Is this the cutest or what!?

Have a lovely day, my friends! xo Laura

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