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Laura Gaskill | Lolalina

Hello there!

My name is Laura Gaskill. I live in a little yellow house in Providence, Rhode Island, with my hubby, son, cat, and four hens. I’m a Houzz contributor, freelance writer, and lover of all things warm, cozy, and creative. I started blogging in 2009 pre-baby, pre-house, pre-chickens, and pre-writing career because I wanted to explore my own creative side, and become a part of the creative online community I noticed just beginning to flourish. At the time, I was a teacher, craving a shift towards a more passionate, creative life … now I am living it. And I can say honestly that blogging has been an essential part of my journey. My aim now, as then, is to create a cozy, creative, positive corner of the internet, and to connect with and inspire others who wish for the same thing.


What you will find here:

This site celebrates all things warm & cozy — creative interiors from around the world, gorgeous crafts, inspiring art, and personal stories. There is a Danish word, hygge, that literally means “cozy”, but in Danish culture it also means feeling happy at home, creating a warm, beautiful atmosphere, and enjoying the simple things in life. That’s the feeling I want to cultivate in my own home, as well as on this blog. After blogging for five years now, I am feeling a pull to share more of “me” in this space, so if you decide follow along, you may also get a glimpse into small corners of my home, and hear some of my own tales.

My work:

I am a contributor to Houzz, where I cover everything from trends and decorating ideas to home tours and interviews with designers and architects — I’ve put together a sampler of some of my favorite & most popular Houzz articles for you here. I have contributed to Gatherings Magazine, Gifted Magazine, and I am the Classic Style Expert for Woodside Homes. My work has appeared on Boston.com (website of the Boston Globe), sfgate.com (website of the San Francisco Chronicle), the Chicago Tribune web edition, Remodeling Magazine web edition, Forbes.com, and Apartment Therapy FamilyLolalina has been featured on Creature Comforts, Design Mom, Desire to Inspire, and numerous other blogs. I was also one of the founding pinners of Pinterest hand-picked by Victoria Smith of SF Girl by Bay to help set the initial level of style and quality for the site.

What you won’t find here:

Tons of products, complicated tutorials, or lots and lots of home makeovers. If I could wave a magic wand right now, I would give us a new roof, refinish our 100-year old floors, and built a magical loft space in the attic — and I would share every step of the progress with you here. But the fact is, I can’t afford to go around renovating and redecorating all of the time, and I suspect you can’t either (right!?). I might occasionally highlight a designer or product that has caught my eye (and love sharing corners of my home from time to time), but tend to veer away from strictly shopping-oriented posts.

My background:

I have loved interiors, design, and writing ever since I was a child, though initially I thought going into either a writing or design profession was not “practical”…so I became a teacher instead! My years spent teaching were extremely rewarding, and I was especially passionate about creating inspiring preschool classroom environments using the Reggio Emilia approach.

In 2009 I moved with my husband from California to Rhode Island, and took that big move as an opportunity to change course in my career. I began taking design courses through the extended education department at RISD, and started this blog. Soon after, I began taking on paid design writing assignments, and I haven’t looked back since. Although I work very hard every day, trying to “balance” my work (I say that in quotes because as any parent will tell you, “balance” is an utter joke…) with raising my son, Bixby, and enjoying time with my family, there are still times I pinch myself because I feel so unbelievably lucky to be doing what I love for a living.

Get in touch:

Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to keep updated beyond the blog. I absolutely adore receiving snail mail, but do not wish to publicly advertise my address — if you wish to send me something, please email me at laura {at} lolalina.com and introduce yourself, and I would be happy to share it with you. For advertising inquiries, email me at laura {at} lolalina.com for more information.

Thank you so much for visiting! hugs, Laura