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5 Ways to Embrace Winter

Bianca via flickr

{no.1} Appreciate the quiet. In the warm months, neighbors are out chatting and people drop by unannounced. In winter, things are different. After a big snowstorm, the quiet settles around our little house, and I feel as if we were living in a big woods instead of the city. The snow insulates us from the outside world, from work and school. People are focused on the most basic things — shoveling snow, buying (or baking) bread, lighting fires.

{no.2} Make big plans. When I lived in California, there was no clear break in the busyness of the year; no obvious time to stop and make plans for the future. But winter — a real winter — is made for plans. I draw up sketches of our house and garden, pore over seed catalogs in bed at night, and make endless lists. Of places to travel, paint colors to try, house projects to do this year. Big plans are good. They keep you going.

{no.3} Make good things to eat and warm things to drink. Soups, stews, roasts, hot cocoa, chai, and endless pots of tea make their way through our house in the winter. Cold days are made for coming in to warm up with your hands wrapped around a hot mug or soup bowl.

{no.4} Gear up. As the Swedes say (I think it’s the Swedes!) there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. My first four winters in Rhode Island I spent without proper snow-worthy gear, and it sucked. But with fuzzy-lined snow boots, a down parka, cozy hat and mittens, I can now actually enjoy making snow balls at the park and taking winter walks. Especially when I know hot cocoa is waiting for me at home (see no.3)

{no.5} Light up the night. Letting the glow of candles and lamps fill the house on dark nights (or even dark afternoons) is absolutely necessary to create a cheery atmosphere in winter. I think it goes without saying I am a huge fan of fairy lights, too.

I readily admit I set out to list 10 ways to embrace winter and came up short, but let’s be honest — there is only so much embracing of winter I am willing to do on March 14, with snow still on the ground, for goodness sake. Winter, you have your charms; but the most enchanting bit is the part where you leave on icy, leafless wings and let glorious spring take your place.

{lovely photo: Bianca on Flickr}

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  • {leah} March 15, 2014, 12:17 pm

    I love this. I’ve been living in a place without winter for twelve years, and you’ve just put everything I love about winter into clear and concise thoughts. The quiet, the rest, the clothing, the planning… All of it so true… I think I miss the rhythm the seasons create in your life of quiet, planning, renewal, activity, winding down, etc. :-)
    {leah}´s last [type] ..women and handmade business chapter 1: start a legitimate business

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