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8 Blogs that Rock and Why

Today I would like to share 8 blogs that I think rock, and why I find them so inspiring and addictively readable. Some I have been reading regularly, and others I just discovered, but all are worth a peek. I tried to, for the most part, avoid covering the super-mega-blogs that you all know are out there. You don’t need me to tell you to visit Design Sponge, Oh Joy! and all the rest. Happy weekend, my dears!

1. Little White Whale. I was first introduced to the lovely Gloria, who writes Little White Whale, through the 24 Merry Days giveaway project I took part in over the holidays. She is a talented graphic/web designer, and her finds and layouts never fail to cheer me up…and give me something new and pretty to crave!

2. Prêt à Voyager. Written by Anne Ditmeyer, an American living in Paris, Prêt à Voyager is a completely charming and inspiring travel blog. I particularly love Anne’s French Lessons series, where she shares the meaning behind French words and culture.

3. La mariée aux pieds nus*. Written by wife and mother Nessa, this lovely, creative wedding blog is a feast for the eyes. Yes, it is written in French. But if you are like me and took high school French, reading a French wedding blog is the ideal way to brush up. And if not, there is always Google translate! I especially love the original styling ideas, fresh photo shoots, and the search posts by color feature.

4. Pretty Fluffy*. This “go to guide for the modern dog owner” written by Serena Faber Nelson is so fresh and fun to read, I love it and I don’t even have a dog (yet)! I adore this site’s design aesthetic, the bright, well-lit photography, and of course the adorable pooches.

5. Good Bones, Great Pieces. This mother-daughter design team work on interiors in addition to co-authoring this lovely blog and now a book by the same name. Whenever I visit their site, I come away with fresh decorating ideas; plus they maintain an excellent resource page listing their favorite go-to items that will fit into just about any interior.

6. Jess Lively. When I want sage business advice and friendly motivation, I go to Jess. She shares consistently uplifting, realistic, practical advice for building a home, life, and business with intention, that comes straight from her own experience founding a successful small business.

7. L.A. in Bloom. Heather Taylor runs a contemporary art gallery in LA, designs a line of table linens, and generally has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in southern California and beyond. I love visiting her blog to get a dose of the California lifestyle, which I especially miss during these long New England winters! Recent posts have covered everything from a woodworking workshop she attended to an organic skincare line she loves, gorgeous flowers, hot restaurants to check out, and a fresh cocktail recipe – so, a little of everything.

8. Handmade Charlotte. Rachel Faucett is the super talented lady behind this kid-focused design blog. She shares lots of original, creative craft and easy DIY projects, plus loads of great organizing tips (which I love!)

Any fun/inspiring/gorgeous blogs you have been reading that you would like to share? Please leave a link in the comments section if you wish, and we can all have fun clicking around to find new favorite reads for the weekend! xo Laura

P.S. – Don’t forget to set aside some creative time for yourself over the next two days…then come back on Monday for the next Crafternoon link party to share what you worked on!

*This post is part of an assignment for Blog Boss, a motivating and inspiring e-course I am taking right now…and that has been absorbing much of my time – so if you wonder why posts are a bit light over the next several weeks, it is because I am hard at work making this blog better than ever. : ) The two starred blogs are authored by classmates in Blog Boss.

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