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Love Your Home

Happy February, my sweets! This month we will be exploring ways to love your home more than ever – from making gutsy style choices you love, to personalizing your space, sharing stories of first homes, childhood homes, and learning to appreciate the home you have as it is right now. If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to sign up for my new Monthly Newsletter (or the Mini News for pint-size design + stories) to keep updated; the first issue will be going out this weekend!

The space I would like to share with you today comes from The Cross Design in Vancouver, and I swear, my heart started doing little flips when I spotted it on Houzz. I think we all have those triggers that make our hearts beat faster – a certain color, a pattern, a shape – and knowing yours is a great step towards creating a home that you adore. I don’t know about you, but I don’t just want to like my home, I want to be madly in love with it!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I would say one of my loves is peony pink. This slightly over-the-top hue cheers me up like nobody’s business. But as I look around my home right now, I can hardly find anything of this particular color. Why, oh, why, have I been depriving myself of this small joy?

If you have a favorite hue or pattern, or other splendid thing you love, but have not brought into your home, perhaps you understand. I think it’s easy to get a little too hung up on what others might think, of making a mistake, of having to repaint over a color that turned out to be hideous, and on and on…until nothing happens. I’d like to take this as a chance to encourage you (and me!) to just go for it. If there is something decorating-wise you’ve been debating for ages and you know it would make you really happy, do it. If you love a color, go buy a pot of paint and paint something. It doesn’t have to be a wall! Paint a chair, your table legs, or the inside of a cabinet.

I am going to begin by rounding up the small pink objects I do have spread about my house (like this one on Instagram) so I can enjoy them daily. Next? Hm…there may be a bit of pink and mint-tinted chalkboard paint in my dining chairs’ future… xo Laura

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  • Beth February 4, 2013, 11:12 pm

    I like that idea of doing one small thing. I think I will start by putting up the frames Shawn and I have yet to put up since we moved in. We have been waiting to paint, but who knows when that will happen! We can always put them up after painting!

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