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Chic Finds for The Urban Chicken-Keeper

Hello lovelies! We are going on a full year of chicken keeping in the city now, and I can’t say enough good things about keeping these silly, adorable creatures. We enjoy the freshest, most delicious (and most local) eggs daily, and are kept well entertained by their antics. I’ve been keeping mental wish list of tools and accoutrements that are both stylish and practical to help bring a bit of cheer to my daily chores, and I thought I would share them here today…you know, in case any of you decide to get chickens.

1. Barbour coat lined in Liberty print | 2. Poultry Keeper’s Guide | 3. Watering can | 4. Cowl | 5. Hunter boots | 6. Pack-Away bucket | 7. I am not a doormat | 8. KNODD bin

Of course you need to keep warm and dry, hence the cozy cowl, glossy red muck boots, and Barbour coat (the coat is lined in a Liberty floral print, which I can never resist). I like the bright red collapsible bucket, it looks just right for toting feed and treats out to the ladies in the morning – and the watering can would make warming their icy water a bit more pleasant. Indoors, you need to keep the feed and whatnot safely stored, and for that I like the KNODD bins from Ikea. The egg holder we keep in the fridge (it’s from Anthro).

Admittedly, keeping chickens in New England during the winter has its challenges. We’ve had to insulate the coop, and I check the weather like a hawk to be prepared for cold snaps (and watch for actual hawks, which we do have in our area!). You must go out to care for them, no matter the weather (and in fact more often when the weather is bad!), but I still find it well worth the effort. Our girls have done remarkably well so far this winter. They are all very winter-hardy birds, which is important here!

Oh, and p.s., I’ve finally joined Instagram…keep in touch with me there if you like! :)

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  • Bettina January 22, 2013, 10:52 am

    That Barbour jacket is so gorgeous! I love the feminine floral lining.. such a nice contrast :)
    How do you keep your chickens warm in the winter? Is there a heater in the coop?
    Bettina´s last blog post ..MY FAVORITE BAG: BALENCIAGA CITY REVIEW

  • Chloe Moon January 22, 2013, 12:49 pm

    It is so cold today in New York so it must be even colder up by you!! These images made me feel super warm! I need to get a coffee cozy too!

    I have a friend with Chickens by me and she insulated her coop too! They are soo cute!!! =)

    Stay warm up there! =)
    Chloe Moon´s last blog post ..Little Changes…

  • Anne January 22, 2013, 9:09 pm

    Maybe the snow is insulating your coop too???? It looks like a rectangular igloo! I love all the city chicken accoutrements you selected. So stylish!

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