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7 Inspired Decorating Ideas from Heart Home

The new issue of Heart Home is out, which is something I really look forward to because it is consistently filled with fresh, inspiring interiors that feel real and beautifully imperfect. Have you taken a peek at the Winter issue yet? If not, allow me to tempt you with 7 decorating ideas that the issue sparked for me.

1. Create a quirky, colorful entry vignette. I love the idea of going a bit crazier with color in the entry than you might in the rest of your flat. Why not paint that thrifted bamboo table a vibrant shade of turquoise? Accented with a brass lamp, chalkboard sign and your “smalls”, this would be a lovely scene to come home to.

2. Use wallpaper scraps to cover the front of a blah dresser. I’m wild about the Cow Parsley pattern from Cole & Son shown here, and I love seeing it put to creative uses. Covering the fronts of your dresser drawers with a favorite wallpaper print is a great way to give your room a fresh twist.

3. Organize your accessories on a bookcase. A simple white bookcase from IKEA can be dressed up by painting the back and filling it with your favorite shoes, bags, jewelry, and bottles of perfume. Style it up a notch by adding a bust that can double as display/storage for necklaces.

4. Use antique mirrors to add patina and a sense of history. Whether your find is a genuine antique or simply a mirror with an antiqued finish, the lacy patterns and faded, smoky look is often just what a space with lots of brand-new furniture needs to feel a bit richer and more polished.

5. Brighten a tight stairwell with colorful wallpaper. If you love wallpaper, but are a bit hesitant to commit to one pattern in a large room, why not try papering a bland and boring stairwell instead? The print and color will make the area seem brighter and bigger, and make your journeys up and down the steps a bit more interesting. ;)