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Cozy, Colorful Inspiration from Instagram

Good morning my sweets! My weekend was packed with crafting and decorating, tree-trimming and cocoa-sipping, and I’m beat! But in the best way. :) In the midst of all of the gift-making madness, I enjoyed taking a little break with my tea to browse dear Leslie’s Instagram stream. It is filled with wonderful color and crafting inspiration, and my quick tip to you today is to take a short break with something yummy to drink, and fill yourself up with visual inspiration.

I am so completely smitten with this picture, that “cozy” sign warms my heart. I’m nearly positive this was taken in a shop, but it brought to mind something I think is quite important: surrounding yourself with images and words with themes that are meaningful, comforting, and uplifting to you. For me, I find myself drawn most often to images of houses, birds, the colors aqua and pink, and words relating to warmth, coziness, and love. Yes, it’s all a bit touchy-feely, but that’s the great thing about our own homes…they are ours to decorate and adorn as we see fit.

I find it delightful to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers and online friends on Instagram to see what they are up to, don’t you? I admit I am far behind the times, since I am not on Instagram myself (yet) but still, for now, I enjoy soaking up inspiration from others. Taking quick snapshots with the intention of sharing them online immediately can help focus your attention on the small moments of beauty that can otherwise be easily missed.

If you are in the mood for a little experiment, why not make a point of looking for a certain color, letter, shape, or theme as you go about your day, and snap pictures of what you find? This can be a great way to quickly collect many images for an inspiration board showing a color palette you love, printed and tacked up in a grid as wall art, or just as a way to sharpen your senses and hone your creative edge.

Before I go, I also have to mention the latest from 24 Merry Days: tomorrow is my giveaway, so be sure to stop by tomorrow and enter. I can hardly wait to tell you what it is!! And right now there are two giveaways going on at House of Earnest – one prize from Ferm Living and another from Son of a Sailor, woohoo! xoxo Laura

(all images: Leslie Shewring on Instagram)

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