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Fall Reading List: Inspiring Creativity

Whenever I am feeling in need of fresh ideas and inspiration, I head out to the nearest bookstore (well, maybe with a stop for coffee or chai first) and browse the aisles until I feel my spirits begin to lift. For the fall I am seeking creative inspiration, so I have been drawn to books that approach creativity from many different angles: interior design, crafts, photography, blogging, memoir, and food writing. Continue reading for my to-read list, and then I’d love to hear which books have been inspiring you lately.

UK cover of Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker, decor8

1. The Penguin Great Food Series (cover designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith) – These slim paperback volumes are so pretty, you could buy them for their decorative quality alone, but the content is so good you’ll want them anyway. The series includes reprints of famous food and domestic writings, including the inimitable Mrs. Beeton, who penned the household bible of the Victorian era.

2. This I Know by Susannah Conway – Susannah, who I’m sure many of you know through her blog or creative ecourses, is just such an inspiration…I can’t wait to read her book!

3. Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker – Holly’s second book comes out in November (hello, perfect birthday gift to myself!) and it looks beautiful. This one is filled with practical decorating advice and step-by-step tips.

4.  One by Victoria Alexander – One caught my attention because it looks like a really beautifully artsy and inspiring self-exploration book. If you think that sounds intriguing and not cheesy, maybe this book is right for you, too! Ha.

5. The Homemade Home for Children by Sania Pell – I checked this out from my local library, but I plan to buy myself a copy because the projects are just too gorgeous to resist and I want to have the book for reference. I really like that in addition to the more complex crafts, there are lots of quick ideas that can be pulled together with minimal skill and materials, mostly from found items, scraps, and basic materials.

6. The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnum – Working on my photography is an ongoing project for me, so I was interested to see this book that has a really creative take on photography instruction. Includes tips on styling products + interiors; great for you Etsy shop owners out there.

7. My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk – I’ve been a huge fan of Pia for years (it was her amazing houseboat in Amsterdam that first lured me in), and this book is the most personal one she has written to date, although I love her guidebooks to the Paris and Amsterdam handmade scenes, too!

8. Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work by Heather Clawson – I love Heather’s blog Habitually Chic, so I was thrilled to learn recently that she has a book coming out this fall. The book focuses on the “studios, workshops, and creative sanctuaries” of designers, editors, architects, and other creatives.

9. Blog, Inc. by Joy Cho – I got a peek at Joy’s book, and just from flipping through, I was quite impressed. This will fill a niche that was really in need of filling – the current, fresh, and inspiring blogging how-to book, especially for those wanting to make blogging a career.

Above: A view of the special surprise in Holly’s book…it’s a pull out poster!

I’m curious – what books have been sucking you in lately? Any books you are especially looking forward to reading? Decorating or craft books, fiction, poetry, small press magazines…please share, so we can all go clicking around and get inspired!

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  • Guerrina October 24, 2012, 7:20 pm

    Hi, Laura! I just found you through your article on Houzz about no entryways and love the ideas though am still undecided how to pull off without making a small-ish (12’W x 16’L) living room smaller. It was also nice to find a blogger in New England as I’m in southeastern CT. and pretty much blog to amuse my friends & relatives. Is there a way to follow your blog? I can’t seem to find anywhere to enter my e-mail address. So pleased to meet you!
    Guerrina´s last [type] ..Rats, Bats and Vultures, Oh No!

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