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Cheap & Cheerfully Colorful Finds at Leif

The sky outside my window has been as gray as can be, and I am beginning to really pine for spring. Craving a bit of cheerfully bright color, I found my way to a new shop called Leif, where I was as pleased as pie to find exactly the sort of fresh, bright colors I was hoping for. There are lots of fun little treats to be found here, so if you are looking for a quick color pick-me-up, you need not break the bank: nothing shown here costs more than $40 bucks.

I would love to keep one of those knitted mugs on my desk, and a container of rose soap by the kitchen sink.

Aren’t those little butter knives to die for? And a pinwheel dishtowel? Hello, I totally need that.

And those little gems above? Those are agate magnets. So pretty! I loved reading about the LEIF lifestyle too, have a look:

“growing indoor citrus trees, matte pastels, a collection of vintage glass bottles that span the colors of the rainbow, old botanical and anatomical prints, Meyer lemon butter on freshly baked scones, various breeds of succulents scattered throughout the home, a garden full of vegetables, freshly cut flowers on a reclaimed wood kitchen table, idolizing Jean Seberg, slip-on sneakers and striped t-shirts on a Saturday.”

Lovely, yes? You can see more in their shop, and get inspired by the Leif blog as well. Have a wonderful day, my friends! xo Laura

(images: LEIF)

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