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What Are Your Decorating Resolutions?

Hello friends and Happy New Year!! I have been planning out a bunch of New Year Resolutions of the usual sort, but today I thought it would be fun to think of a few decorating resolutions. I’ve come up with 3 decorating resolutions which I will share below, and then I want to hear yours – are you with me?

above: Holly’s home; decor8

When we bought our house we had recently moved from California and left much of our furniture behind, which meant starting from scratch on a very tight budget. The first year I focused on getting all of the rooms painted and sourcing affordable main pieces to fill our rooms and provide a neutral backdrop. Fast-forward two years to today and you would find our home comfortable, but if I am being honest, a bit…plain. Mostly white and natural woods fill our rooms, and there are very few decorative accents. Things came to a halt decorating-wise when Bixby came along (as they should) but now I feel ready to get back in the game.

Decorating Resolution #1: Use more color.

I love white, and I plan on keeping a lot of it in my home. But I want to begin adding a thread of color to cheer things up. A bit of color makes me happy! One place to start will be our living room rug – the current natural fiber one is getting a bit worn out, and I think this will be a great place to add a pop of color in what is our main room.

above: Holly’s home; decor8

Decorating Resolution #2: Layer in small but meaningful accessories.

I love little stacks of fun books, small floral arrangements, handmade pottery and artwork, candlesticks, plants, buntings, soft sculpture, and on and on – why don’t I have these things that make me so happy? It’s time to begin slowly layering in the small things that really make a house feel personal and warm.

above: Me and Alice via decor8

Decorating Resolution #3: Make space for open shelving & style it.

I just adore a home with a well-styled bit of open shelving, don’t you? It is the perfect place to house fun collections of both useful and decorative belongings, and the creative potential is just about limitless. This year, I would like to create a space for open shelving somewhere in my home. My top pick would be in the kitchen – I love the warm gray of our kitchen walls, and I am dying to replace some of the upper cabinets with open shelving to show off more wall color and create a place for display. If that proves impossible, there are a few other spots I could sneak in some open shelves!

Okay, those are my 3 resolutions, now it’s your turn! If you could create or change anything in your home this year, what would it be? Are you trying to clear clutter? Create a more cohesive color palette? Replace some of your college dorm-era furniture with more lasting pieces? I want to hear, so please share your decorating resolutions for 2012 in the comments!

Happy New Year! xo Laura

(images: Holly Becker for decor8 and Me and Alice)

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  • Erin January 3, 2012, 2:26 pm

    I need to use more color, too!

    My only decorating-related resolution this year is to finish what I start. I have a 4-month-old list of a dozen things (touch up dinged trim, scrape paint off window glass, put up hooks in the bathroom, etc.) that I haven’t made myself do…but I’ve done a bunch of other decorating projects between now and then.

    My goal is to finish them by the end of the month, and finish any new projects I start in a timely manner.
    Erin´s last [type] ..Kusudama ornaments

  • gaia• Illustration January 3, 2012, 3:35 pm

    Love this!
    Mine big ones are:
    Paint my studio/office white. Or at least a couple walls.
    Make our bedroom pretty!
    Start saving for some upholstery jobs. (Speaking of, do you have any local recommendations?)
    gaia• Illustration´s last [type] ..Happy New Year! + Yayoi Kusama

  • Sarah January 3, 2012, 7:14 pm

    Well, I like yours…this is a tough one because I currently rent, so I’m very limited. I need bigger bedside lamps in my bedroom, I also would like to look for a consignment bedside table that I can paint and would like to add some fabric to the windows in my kitchen, which are bare, except for blinds. Ha! I did it! That’s it for now! Have a fabulous new year! ;-))

  • bein good to me January 3, 2012, 10:14 pm

    What a great idea! I love your goals and I’m looking forward to seeing updates as you work to complete them over the year.
    My biggest goal is to *finish* each of the rooms in our apartment once and for all and not leave anything hanging. The kitchen is the closest to being finished and I just need to put up a couple of things then it’s done and time to move on to the next room. My biggest project for the first half of the year is our baby room which I’m looking forward to starting!
    bein good to me´s last [type] ..twenty eleven/twenty twelve

  • Kristen January 3, 2012, 10:37 pm

    Ha, I have the same problem as a few of the other comments (we should start a group)! My biggest resolution is just to finish things, already. Seriously, we have lived in this house since 2005, repainted the entire living room/dining room (it’s an open floor plan house) in 2010 and we just hung art/pictures on the walls on Monday! Ridiculous! For some reason I get all excited, but then I can never finish the last 5% because I am lazy or the room isn’t “perfect.” Enough! I’d like to have the house “done” for a while before we have to get it ready to sell in about 2-3 years. I want to enjoy it a little too! Great post, as usual! :-)

  • Lolalina January 4, 2012, 9:29 am

    @Erin – LOL, that should be my resolution, too!

    @Gaia – No, but I’ll be looking for the same thing so I’ll def. let you know when I find someone good!

    @Lisa – Yay!! You’ll have to send in pics of the nursery, so exciting!!

    @Kristen – lol, yes we should start a group!

  • Anne January 4, 2012, 9:36 am

    I’m definitely a member of the “just finish it for heaven’s sake!” club. I’m working now on my backyard. I put in a round brick patio (it was a “kit”), and am moving on to a simple pergola against the back fence. I have an end of February deadline to finish the pergola because the climbing rose bushes I ordered to climb up the pergola arrive then! I look forward to seeing your new living room rug Laura!

  • Cristina | Positively Beauty January 4, 2012, 9:51 am

    My decorating resolutions for this year are…too many! The most important are:
    Find 3 more balloon back dining chairs and have them all re-upholstered (I only have one at the moment)
    Find bedside tables for our master bedroom (using plastic storage boxes at the mo!)
    Get more art for my walls (including my own photos)
    Cristina | Positively Beauty´s last [type] ..Starting the New Year with Gratitude

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