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Inspiration From Paris Via Sweden

Hello dear ones! I have an absolutely lovely blog to share with you today called La Maison D’Anna G., Anna grew up in Sweden but has since lived in Australia, Switzerland, and now Paris, and her blog reflects her inspiring history – I think you will really enjoy it!

photo: Skona Hem

Anna curates a collection of inspiring finds and interiors daily, all with a Scandinavian flavor as that is where her decorating tastes lean. I must say, I stumbled upon Anna’s blog for the first time the other day and was immediately lost in it, each post had something I had not seen before and I was bookmarking like crazy! I think it is wonderful to read blogs from countries other than your own because there is always a new perspective to consider, and they often feature things that are less well covered, at least here in the States.

photos, clockwise from top left: Bolig Magasinet, AnnaO, Ulrika Ekblom, Boligpluss.

For one thing, it is impossible to find many of the original sources that bloggers like Anna, based in Europe, regularly draw from because you cannot just go to the newsstand or bookshop and pick up Swedish, Dutch, and German magazines! And oh how I wish I could! Hm…maybe I should organize an international magazine swap? Anyway, that’s a topic for another day! Back to Anna and her beautiful blog…

photo: Erik Olsson Fastighetsförmedling.

All of the images I pulled from her site for this post I chose because they make me think of easy summer days, relaxing at home :) Go visit La Maison D’Anna G. for much, much more inspiration. I hope your day is sweet, friends! xo Laura

(all images found via La Maison D’Anna G., and linked to individual sources above)

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