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Pinning The Day Away…

Happy Wednesday to you! Today feels like summer here for the first time this year, which is making Wednesday feel not quite so Wednesday-ish, do you know what I mean? This morning I was up early (um okay, when am I not up early? Hello, I have an 11 month old!) and the light had a golden tinge as it filtered through the leaves of the trees on our street, the air was fresh and fragrant, but a little heavy with that damp summer heat. Bix and I got out for a long walk down our favorite trail, and now while he enjoys a little siesta I am enjoying some time to myself to blog, read magazines, and browse Pinterest, which has become a total obsession of mine.

I have found Pinterest to be a great way to keep inspiration boards of material I find online, like I’ve done in the “Interior Spaces and Ideas I Love” board pictured above. But what has been a pleasant surprise to me (now months-deep into my pinning obsession) is how useful it is for gathering ideas for specific events, gifts, wish lists, and projects. And not only can I pin my own finds, but when I was looking for inspiration for Bixby’s first birthday party (coming up on June 29!!) the first thing I did was search Pinterest…

…And lo and behold, I found all sorts of creative party ideas (see my picks here), everything from birthday cake alternatives to DIY invites, themes, and photography ideas. And I love that searching Pinterest often leads me to blogs and sites that I didn’t know about before – fun! Plus, I recently discovered that there is a Lolalina page on Pinterest:

I found that when Ez mentioned that Pinterest keeps a feed of all of the images pinned from a particular source – so anytime one of you dear readers pins something from my blog to Pinterest, it gets cataloged. Pretty neat, right? If you have your own blog and want to see what is catching your readers eyes, this post will help you locate your site’s page.

Happy pinning, friends! And p.s., if you have any creative ideas for Bixby’s first birthday party, please send them my way! Thanks :) xo Laura

(images: Pinterest)

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  • Cheyenne May 25, 2011, 3:41 pm

    Your boards are so sweet and fresh :) I am anxiously and probably not so patiently awaiting my Pinterest invite be. I think it will be perfect for all kinds of projects too! So fun….

  • corinne May 25, 2011, 3:59 pm

    :) :) I’m just like you… Pinterest is “steeling” too much of my time but I can’t resist to “just” check which means 1hr later I’m still not doing what I should do…
    good day to you :)

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