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32 Before Thirty-two Update

It’s accountability time! Some of you may remember back in January when I decided to create a list of 32 things I wanted to do/try/accomplish before I turn thirty-two this November? Well, I have ticked off a few things, but I have a long way to go – and with 6 months left before my b-day, I thought now would be a good time to take a fresh look at my list.

First, here are the things I have done:

9. Make baby food from scratch: Aside from our plane trip when Bix had some jarred baby food, I have made all of his food myself. It is surprisingly easy – I love this book for inspiration and recipes.
14. Get a really good pedicure: On our trip to California, my Mom watched Bix so I could go out for a nice mani-pedi with my sister in-law :)
16. Learn to knit: When my Mom came back with me for a visit, she taught me to knit and I have my first project on the needles!
27. Institute a no-shoes policy: This was easy yet important, now that Bixby is eating junk off the floor! I was using an ugly shoe rack but now I am corralling shoes in a pair of attractive baskets.
31. Find an activity to do with other new moms: I joined a local new mom’s group, which led to a play group, coffee dates, and afternoons in the park with a bunch of sweet mamas and babies :)

Here are a few things in progress:

1. Lose the baby weight: I’ve lost a few pounds and have been walking daily, but it’s time to add more intense workouts and clean up my diet.
11. Plan a fun first birthday party for Bixby: I am using Pinterest to organize my party ideas – I can’t believe he will be One so soon!
21. Make a cloth book for Bixby’s birthday: Bought the fabric, but have yet to make the book.
25. Redesign my website: I am compiling ideas, but it will be several more months at least before I am ready to make any changes.

    And here are the (many) items still on my list to do:

    2. Take a photography course.
    3. Get a massage, preferably here.
    4. Build 5 outfits that I love.
    5. Create a filing system that works for me.
    6. Start using cloth bags for all shopping.
    7. Make a habit of bringing my own water bottle + coffee cup.
    8. Create an inspiration board.
    10. Have cute family pictures taken.
    12. Try out a local milk delivery service.
    13. Subscribe to all of the magazines I read regularly.
    15. Take Bixby on his first camping trip.
    17. Start using a Giveaway Box.
    18. Get a sewing machine & learn how to use it.
    19. Try tap dancing.
    20. Organize all of our recipes.
    22. Create a peaceful corner for yoga and meditation at home.
    23. Start composting.
    24. Organize all of our photographs.
    26. Organize my kitchen cupboards.
    28. Decide for sure what/if any renovations we will do on this house.
    29. Learn how to make a fab pie crust.
    30. Get out into nature as a family at least once a month.
    32. Participate in the Interior Styling Challenge on Flickr each month.

      Now, I know there are some items that will be skipped for various reasons (my budget not the least of them) but I like the idea of working from a year-long list like this instead of trying to keep “resolutions”. To me, this feels more like a fun menu of activities and projects that I can pick and choose from throughout the year. Pulling out my list to review now is getting me excited about summer (#15. Take Bixby on his first camping trip!) and reminding me of a few simple things I can do today (#6. Start using cloth bags for all shopping). In fact, as I am reading this I am realizing a spin on this project could be to make lists based on the seasons. Maybe next year… :) xo Laura

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      • bein good to me May 4, 2011, 2:22 pm

        I love reading your updates about your 32 before thirty-two list, what a fun list.
        I’ve been using reusable shopping bags almost religiously for the past couple of years and just recently took it a step further when I purchased reusable draw-string produce bags so I thought I’d share! There are a ton available (mostly online) and I wasn’t super happy with what I had found for a while because some seemed too bulky/heavy which might affect the price I was paying for the produce. But I got lucky and snagged this pack of 6 at my local Sur la Table (for only $7) and absolutely love them (link here: http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-675538/Washable-Produce-Bags) Just thought I’d share! :)
        bein good to me´s last [type] ..this moment

        • Lolalina May 4, 2011, 3:17 pm

          Lisa – Thank you so much for the link!! I have been looking for reusable produce bags because ideally, I would like to bring my own bags for *all* shopping, including produce, and even at clothing and bookstores. Hope you are having a lovely day! xo Laura

      • Dagný Björg June 24, 2011, 6:18 pm

        How brilliant! I may do this too! :)
        Dagný Björg´s last [type] ..Tolix armchair

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