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Refreshing Home & Wardrobe for Spring

Hello there friend! Is your week going well? Can you feel a change in the air where you live? Spring is coming! I can begin to sense it around here with the snow melting to reveal patches of grass and hopeful little shoots popping up from the damp ground. There are blue skies today, and a freshness to the air that makes me smile a little wider :D Plus, we have booked a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area for next week, and I am excited beyond words about that because it has been a year since I last saw many of my family and friends.

I am dying of anticipation to have everyone meet Bixby, to breathe that fresh California air and visit all of my favorite places once again. I will be here posting all through this week, but the next two weeks will be light while I travel, I hope you understand! I am looking forward to the refreshing change of scene, and I am sure I will return full of inspiration to share with you. Alameda (my home town), Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and Santa Cruz are all on my agenda. I am already keeping a mental list of the places I must eat while I am in town, ha!

Spring may just be a glimmer on the horizon here, but in California I’ll be sure to see signs of the changing season all around – have I mentioned that I can’t wait to get there? ;) With visions of Springtime dancing in my head, I found myself seeking out fresh, cool interiors with pale blues and clean, crisp whites, vases of tulips and ranunculus and gauzy white curtains.

All of the images I’ve shown so far come from the current issue of Covent Garden, and I think it’s my favorite one so far. Tomi and Karim’s home is inspiring me to pare back rather than bring in anything new (aside from fresh flowers!) and appreciate what I have – and my bank account is certainly thanking me for that!

Now, there are a few items I wish I could add to my wardrobe this Spring, and on that front I found just what I was looking for in the this month’s issue of brand-new e-magazine Matchbook. That chambray shirt, striped top, and leopard peep toe flats are calling my name!

And what do you know? I spy homeowner Tomi in a chambray shirt :)

And I love how her accessories are organized, with photos pinned up of all of the items tucked away so she doesn’t forget what’s in there – genius!

And a few more items I loved in Matchbook: the pages on Jackie O style, love love love! That Milly dress and Cartier watch? Oh yes I could sport those, ooh la la! Okay, maybe in my dreams ;)

What about you? What is on your Spring wish list?

(images: Covent Garden and Matchbook Magazine)

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  • Amanda March 2, 2011, 6:36 pm

    Ahh, this is absolutely my style and flavour. Unfortunately I’m preparing for autumn instead. Looking forward to the snug months though after a boiling hot summer here!

  • Lolalina March 2, 2011, 8:51 pm

    Amanda – Ha! Autumn is actually my favorite season :) I love Spring & Fall, but I’m not so big on the extremes of Winter and Summer, so I am very glad to be leaving this winter behind soon! xo Laura

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