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Reader Q: Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Good morning!! How are you doing out there? Are you ready to talk decorating? I am feeling super inspired because reader Lisa of Bein’ Good To Me wrote in asking for a bit of help in putting her bedroom together – and I just love a good challenge! Here are the details: Lisa loved this bedroom that I featured over the past weekend, but was unsure how such a small piece of art hung at bedside level would look in real life. With a very small space to work with and no room for a headboard, she is looking for ideas to decorate this area. Let’s get started, shall we?

One of the most common ways to add interest to the bedroom is with a bold headboard – I personally L O V E Grace Bonney’s headboard (top picture, from Lonny) but since a large headboard is not in the cards for Lisa, what about creating a faux headboard out of wallpaper like the one in Emma Cassi’s home? Alternatively, you could wallpaper the whole wall behind the bed or paint it a bold color. This is a great option when you don’t want anything heavy hanging over the bed – which I never do, and Lisa & I had a laugh over this because we are both from California and maybe it is because of the earthquakes that we avoid hanging heavy frames overhead? lol.

More ideas: Use chalkboard paint on the whole wall or tape out a faux headboard-shape and paint within that; Stencil or freehand-paint an inspiring quote or song lyric (or even one word, such as “silence” or “peace”) above your bed; Hang a beautiful textile where the headboard would go – my personal favorite would be a Moroccan wedding quilt (like the one on the bed in the photo below).

Hm, or what about a plant? The one mounted on the wall above this bed is a Staghorn Fern, and although I don’t think I would want this falling on my head, it looks so cool I would consider doing it anyway! If you want to try your hand at this, here is a tutorial for mounting the plant on wood for hanging.

Of course, you can always embrace simple chic, which is done so well in this bedroom, with the gauzy curtains, vintage bike, little topiary, and french press all ready for breakfast in bed :) Add a few vintage/French/romantic details and no one will notice you have no headboard – it will just read as charming!

Sort of along those lines, what about doing a giant postcard/photo collage on an adjacent wall?  If you like the sort of casual/artsy look, this could be a really fun project to put together. Image via decor8.

…Or how about some kind of garland or bunting? I love the coffee filter pom poms above, but a fabric bunting would be sweet, too – I like the ones Jeska makes, like this, though there are none currently in her shop. And is that Dwell Studio bedding I spy, just like in the inspiration image? Well, I guess this would be a good time to revisit that bedroom, here are some more shots:

This is Victoria’s lovely bedroom in her new place, and the top picture is a wider shot of the wall that Lisa was wondering about – and guess what? She actually does have a frame above the bed as well, so there goes my theory about the little picture looking good all by itself! Ha. No really, I still think it would look good, even without the additional art above the bed. What do you guys think?

Lonny Magazine

Rue Magazine

If you are not putting anything above the head of your bed, each little detail at the bedside becomes even more important. Here are a few more ideas on decorating your bedside area: If you have the light, use plants – if not, keep a tiny posy bouquet in a small glass on your nightstand; Keep your bedside items all within a strict color palette, it will feel more soothing that way; Hang or prop framed art close to your bedside table so that it looks like part of the bedside area and is not left floating; Don’t forget a soft runner underfoot to warm your cold toes!

Another thing to consider would be swapping out your existing light fixture for something really striking, like in this room (from Lonny Magazine) above. You could go in lots of directions with this – anything from a Moroccan silver pendant (love these from Terrain!) or fancy chandy (have you seen Holly’s new chandeliers? droooool!) to a cluster of simple paper lanterns.

I have to admit that all of this talk has got me looking at my own bedroom and dreaming up some changes (hello, dark walls!)…but I swear I will not be picking up another paint brush for quite some time, so that will just have to wait! So, what do you think? Which are your favorite ideas? Anything to add to help Lisa out? Chime in, don’t be shy!

…and p.s., I had so much fun doing this, I would like to invite any of you who have questions you would like me to answer in a post to email me and I will do my very best to help!

(images: linked to sources above)

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  • bein good to me December 9, 2010, 10:44 pm

    I couldn’t have asked for a better reply to my question on your post a few days ago! This is just fantastic. I am extremely excited about the wallpaper headboard as well as the photo/postcard collage. Thank you so much for taking the time to create a post about this topic!!

    • Emmy December 11, 2010, 1:36 am

      Great question Lisa – I’ve seen pictures of your apartment. So I know what you’re working with ;) I also think photo/postcard collage would look awesome! Especially since you live in an amazing city and can showcase all your San Fran travels this way… if that idea tickled your fancy :)

      Okay, Ms Laura, since you did such a fabulous job helping out my good friend Lisa maybe I can pose a question to you as well? :) I am a single Mom of three boys (12, 4 & 3) who is also a student and is also currently living w/ my folks until I transfer out of state or to a university w/ family housing. My boys all share a room, what ideas could you give to maximize the space? I’ve taken the sliding doors off the closet thinking I could use it as a desk knook but that’s all I’ve got… Any thoughts?? :)

      Have a good night to you both!!

      xo, Emmy
      Emmy´s last [type] ..Featured blog- Live the Charmed Life

  • Lolalina December 11, 2010, 10:14 am

    @Lisa – I am so glad you liked it, and most importantly, that you found a few ideas you might use! When you’re done, send me a pic if you like & thanks again for the question! xo Laura :)

    @Emmy – Another great question…and a big challenge, as you know! I would love to help if I can. I’ll email you & perhaps you can send a pic my way if you can – not necessarily to include in the post, but for me to get a feel for your space so I can tailor the solutions to what might work there. Thanks Emmy! Have a great weekend, xo Laura

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