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Inspired By… Anna Spiro

Today I am inspired by Australian interior designer and blog author Anna Spiro – are you a fan already? I really admire Anna’s style, she is not afraid to go BIG with color and bold art, and the homes she designs are always fresh and fun…and she is expecting a baby in just a few days!! I have been hard at work on my own home, and although I have accomplished a lot (more pictures to come this week, I promise!!) I feel I just now have the “basics” in place and my home still needs that personal touch of art and color! So are you with me? Let’s get inspired…

I think what inspires me most about Black & Spiro is that Anna truly wants to help create meaningful, personal homes – something that is on my mind this week as I begin preparing my post for pin it forward around the theme of what home means to me! Anna makes a point of incorporating meaningful personal treasures, refurbished vintage pieces and art along with the bright-and-shiny new stuff – so a house can feel like a real home, and not just a showcase of designer talent. Don’t you wish more interior designers were like this?

I love poring over the little details in these spaces – the richly layered vignettes on tabletops and tucked into corners of bookshelves where tiny bud vases, small paintings, seashells, and other small treasures mingle to tell a little story about the person who lives here.

And of course, I have to admire Anna’s love for pink! There is something so cheerful and uplifting about a bright white home filled with colorful artwork and plenty of pink! Yay for pink! Hee hee.

Anna’s Brisbane-based interior design business Black & Spiro is currently undergoing a major renovation while Anna takes her maternity leave, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they are done! You can see much more of Anna’s work in her Black & Spiro portfolio, as well as through her blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things.

And before I go, just to give you a little update: we did finish painting our bedroom and bathroom over the weekend, as well as the changing table and another small table for the baby’s room, and it completely wiped me out!! Of course, the heat here has not been helping and yesterday I felt like a wilted flower and spent much of the day alternately napping and whining! But it does feel so, SO good to know that all of the painting is DONE, and I promise to show you some pics later on this week! So…

{images: Black & Spiro}

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