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Art Talk: Shen Plum

You may remember when I mentioned how much I adore artist Shen Plum? Well, I was able to connect with her, and she has very sweetly agreed to share a bit more with us about a few of her pieces – yay! :) This series of illustrations, called The Kitsune Myth, has an ancient fairy-tale quality that I love, yet still feels very modern. Let’s have a look, and hear what Shen has to say about her work:

tree{the tree thief}

“The whole series was illustrated and painted on calligraphy papers. They get a little bit wrinkly with wet paint but that doesn’t bother me that much.”

war{the coyote spirit}

“I love traditional chinese and japanese paintings; so for this series I tried to combine that into my illustrations. It worked out pretty well I think.”

fox{the fox spirit}

“Theme wise, I watched a lot of BBC wild life documentaries on foxes, wolves, etc, and I just sort of made up random stories in my head as I watch the films. So yeah, mostly imaginary :) “

Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration with us! Okay now, everybody run over and check out more of Shen’s dreamy work.

Shen Plum: Website/Flickr/Little Paper Planes/MySpace

{images: Shen Plum}

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